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Cabrinha 2014 Contra Kite

Cabrinha 2014 Contra Kite
Brand: Cabrinha
Product Code: 2014 Contra Kite
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The 2014 Cabrinha Contra is positioned to deliver exactly what the discerning, light-wind rider is looking for: high performance riding without a white-cap in sight. Cabrinha built the new Contra on a light-weight, 3-strut platform to maximize its light-wind flying capability, while still keeping with the nuke-proof construction that you’d expect from Pete and the boys.

The 2014 Cabrinha Contra has great low-end power AND a pretty substantial high-end. Combine that with the responsive handling of a much smaller kite, and you've got yourself one really big girl that loves to party!


You’ll want to pick one up if you like these rockin’ features:

  • Light-wind profile with big, low-end pull

  • 3 micro-strut design with lightweight bladders

  • Responsive handling and quick turning

  • Park it at 45 and ride

  • Lighter bar pressure

  • Medium arc for better turning and relaunch


The boss’ take:

The shape and weight of things to come. The people spoke and Cabrinha Kites listened. The all new completely revamped 2014 Contra kiteboarding kite is a freeride lightwind dream machine. Cabrinha has made their new light wind kite fast turning with light bar pressure to allow you to ride all day. The kite has been “fatten” up for more grunt on the low end while still increasing the turning speed. The new direct steering via the 1XL overdrive bar makes every input direct to the rider for a great sense of where the kite is. We love the improved re-launch over the old Cabrinha Crossbow.

Cabrinha has introduced Micro Struts to keep your kite stiff (unlike no strut kites), but still keep the weight down. The micro struts allow for better wind flow across the kite to keep aerodynamic performance as high as possible. The bladders have also been put on a diet to trim even more weight out of the kite. The lighter the kite the happier it gets when the winds begin to drop below 12mph. With the new weight loss the 2014 Cabrinha Contra can be flown as light a 6 knots of wind and stay in the air.

Great new features

  • Revamped light wind profile – giving you the most low end power
  • New Micro Struts – thinner, lighter, and still keeping your kite in perfect shape
  • Direct steering – feel the kite in every turn
  • Ease of Use – park the kite and away you go.  Solid power without working the kite
  • Light Bar Pressure – easy on the arms for all day sessions.
  • Moderate Arc with built in Dynamic Arc features – Fast turns and easy re-launch

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