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Flysurfer Psycho 4

Flysurfer Psycho 4
Brand: Flysurfer
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PSYCHO4 were crystal clear from the very beginning. The pressure was high, but the initial successes have already proven that we've introduced another winner to the market!

The PSYCHO4 follows in the footsteps of its predecessor and impresses as a radical freestyle kite with big safety reserves. The enhanced agility of the kite in combination with the direct feedback enables superior control - learning new tricks has just gotten easier!


The total development of the PSYCHO4 took almost two years to complete and also brings a completely new innovation in kite design. The PSYCHO4 with its revolutionary „Triple Depower“-Technology combines 3 characteristics to maximize the depower effect:

The angle of attack changes

The projected size of the kite changes

The airfoil camber changes

The PSYCHO4 impresses by combining these 3 characteristics, resulting in an extremely wide „sweet-spot” where the kite creates its optimum performance. A tube kite, by comparison, only uses the change in angle of attack in order to achieve it's depower effect.

The range of use has significantly increased from its predecessor, worth mentioning is that through the „Triple Depower“-Technology it was possible to keep the kite direct and fast turning when depowered. Already leading us to another key design point and the next milestone in the PSYCHO4 design – turning speed and radius.

The PSYCHO4 is by far the narrowest and fastest turning kite that we have built to date! This kite is predestined for radical Free- and Wakestyle. The PSYCHO4 can master any kind of kiteloop with ease. The rider sets the extremity and limits. Unhooked performance has also been improved, so load it up for extreme pop!

Other features at a glance:

* Shortened, colored and covered bridle lines for even easier handling and almost no tangles
* No more pulleys at the kite = less abrasion/wear
* Trimming the kite has become super simple thanks to the new shorter mixer-setup
* Incorporated 5 th line safety system / FDS
* Supplied with a strengthened and durability tested Safety-Leash
* INFINITY BAR bag for clean and easy packing up and down

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