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Flysurfer 2014 Peak
Universal Application The PEAK is available in 6.0m and 9.0m ready-to-fly including control bar and ..
Ex Tax: $569.00
Flysurfer Cronix Kite Complete w/Bar & Lines
Over the last ten years, Flysurfer made a name for itself as an innovator for the bridled ram-air ki..
Ex Tax: $1,079.00
Flysurfer Flydoor4 Kiteboard
Flysurfer Flydoor4 Kiteboard in your quiver this means having fun, instead of hanging around on the ..
Ex Tax: $539.00
Flysurfer FlyRace Kiteboard
The new Flysurfer FlyRace Kiteboard is the only twintip racing board on the market and offers extrem..
Ex Tax: $809.00
Flysurfer FlySplit
The all new Flysurfer FlySplit combines the opportunity to dissemble the board in the middle with th..
Ex Tax: $739.00
Flysurfer FlyWave Kiteboard
Flysurfer FlyWave Kiteboard offers the perfect combination of agility, control, durability and perfo..
Ex Tax: $539.00
Flysurfer Psycho 4
PSYCHO4 were crystal clear from the very beginning. The pressure was high, but the initial successes..
Ex Tax: $939.00
Flysurfer Radical4 Kiteboard
Flysurfer Radical4 Kiteboard lives up to its name. Even sportier than its predecessor, the Flysurfer..
Ex Tax: $539.00
Flysurfer Speed 3.5 Deluxe
FLYSURFER DELUXE-EDITION Are you one of those customers who can’t get enough and wants to have it..
Ex Tax: $1,609.00
Flysurfer Speed 3.5 Standard
The successor to our performance champion is finally here. After 2 years of extensive development pe..
Ex Tax: $1,339.00
Flysurfer Speed 4 Kite Complete
Deluxe High Wind Edition With a Flysurfer Deluxe High Wind Kite, you’ll improve your wind range ag..
Ex Tax: $1,139.00
Flysurfer Speed 4 Lotus Complete
Flysurfer Speed4 Lotus is the best performing kite that we have ever built. Whether in low end, turn..
Ex Tax: $1,399.00
Flysurfer Unity Kite Deluxe Edition w/Bar & Lines
Flysurfer Deluxe-Edition Kite has a special PU-coating makes the cloth airtight, thus providing homo..
Ex Tax: $1,139.00
Flysurfer Unity Kite w/Bar & Lines
Flysurfer Unity Kite is an extremely stable and user friendly kite designed for land kiting, snow ki..
Ex Tax: $879.00
Flysurfer Viron Kite w/Bar & Lines
The Flysurfer Viron Kite is not just any kite, it defines a class of its own. Maximum safety, optima..
Ex Tax: $409.00

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