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Crazyfly 2014 Allround Twintip Kiteboard
If you are looking for a high quality kiteboard which performs well, looks cool, and has a very attr..
Ex Tax: $419.00
Crazyfly 2014 Bulldozer Twintip Kiteboard
Bulldozer has been changed from top to bottom and became a freestyle/wakestyle crossover board. On t..
Ex Tax: $489.00
Crazyfly 2014 Cruiser LW Twintip Kiteboard
The Cruiser LW was, is, and always will be the ultimate lightwind machine. The name sums it up perfe..
Ex Tax: $459.00
Crazyfly 2014 Cruiser Pro Twintip Kiteboard
Cruiser Pro is a light wind machine with proven shape and construction. The name sums it up perfectl..
Ex Tax: $509.00
Crazyfly 2014 Cruze Kite
Cruze, the new big boys for our 2014 kite range, are the dedicated light wind kites, coming in only ..
$1,299.00 $1,029.00
Ex Tax: $1,029.00
Crazyfly 2014 Elite Twintip Kiteboard
CrazyFly is redefining the future of the ultimate kiteboard. Blending together the most advanced tec..
Ex Tax: $939.00
Crazyfly 2014 Girls Twintip Kiteboard
Comfort, style and performance are the building blocks for a functional girl specific board. Our Gir..
Ex Tax: $459.00
Crazyfly 2014 Nuke Twintip Kiteboard
Nuke is a dedicated wakestyle board in our range. Mainly designed for wakestyle kiting, the Nuke wil..
Ex Tax: $469.00
Crazyfly 2014 Pro Tour Twintip Kiteboard
The Pro Tour is the freestyle machine in CrazyFly’s range. Every detail on this board is developed a..
Ex Tax: $549.00
Crazyfly 2014 Raptor LTD Twintip Kiteboard
This board does not need much introduction. Raptor Pro LTD is one of the best boards we have ever ma..
Ex Tax: $589.00
Crazyfly 2014 Raptor Pro Twintip Kiteboard
Raptor Pro is a living legend in our range. This board has been fine tuned for eight years and it ha..
Ex Tax: $509.00
Crazyfly 2014 Sculp Kite
The Sculp is our high performance kite which is suitable for pretty much every rider. Completely re-..
$699.00 $639.00
Ex Tax: $639.00
Crazyfly 2014 Shox Custom Twintip Kiteboard
Shox Custom is the ultimate upwind machine and the most comfortable freeride board in our range. It ..
Ex Tax: $469.00
Crazyfly 2014 Shox Green Twintip Kiteboard
We are extremely proud to introduce the most environmentally friendly methods ever in kiteboard prod..
Ex Tax: $549.00
Crazyfly 2014 Skim Board
This year, we have introduced a new straighter outline on the Skim board. The new outline improved t..
Ex Tax: $349.00
Crazyfly 2014 Takii Surfboard 6'0
The Takii is the Taurin’s slightly older brother and is better suited to slightly larger waves and t..
Ex Tax: $569.00
Crazyfly 2014 Tango Kite
The Tango kite is a brand new addition to our kite range for 2014. It is a very unique kite with a r..
$849.00 $779.00
Ex Tax: $779.00
Crazyfly 2014 Taurin Surfboard 5'8
The Taurin 5’8” is designed for small to medium waves and is also a fun board to play with on lighte..
Ex Tax: $569.00
Crazyfly 2014 Thunder Surfboard 6'2
The Thunder is designed for bigger and more powerful waves. It has a rounder tail and a thruster fin..
Ex Tax: $569.00
Crazyfly Girls Pro 2014
As the name suggests, this board is aimed at advanced ladies, looking for a high performance board w..
$569.00 $509.00
Ex Tax: $509.00

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