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Airush 2014 Apex Twintip Kiteboard
Airush introduces the Apex in a new configuration, combining higher rocker, increased width and the ..
Ex Tax: $519.00
Airush 2014 Compact Surfboard
For a wave enthusiast looking for performance in all round conditions, the compact delivers the perf..
Ex Tax: $569.00
Airush 2014 Converse Surfboard
Developed specifically for the advanced wave purist, looking for a dedicated down the line board, th..
Ex Tax: $639.00
Airush 2014 Cypher Surfboard
An extremely versatile range that covers everything from onshore wave, to strapless boosting and lig..
Ex Tax: $689.00
Airush 2014 DNA Kite
The DNA, when combined with the Analog bar and Vox board, make for a Perfect Package. Hassle free se..
Ex Tax: $419.00
Airush 2014 Lithium Kite
Choose your element from freeride, wave, jumping or looping – the Lithium does it all. Designed for ..
Ex Tax: $649.00
Airush 2014 Livewire Team Twintip Kiteboard
The new Livewire Team takes the Livewire design to a lightweight construction. Combining unique lami..
Ex Tax: $839.00
Airush 2014 Livewire Twintip Kiteboard
The Livewire has proven itself as a truly versatile, wake-style machine. Alex Pastor, Bruna Kajiya a..
Ex Tax: $539.00
Airush 2014 Protoy Twintip Kiteboard
The Protoy is suited to the rider looking for refined freestyle performance with riding comfort that..
Ex Tax: $649.00
Airush 2014 Razor Kite
Designed in conjunction with Vice World Champions; Alex Pastor and Bruna Kajiya, Dutch Champion Bas ..
Ex Tax: $769.00
Airush 2014 Sector V5 Directional Board
The Sector range is the most well known and innovative lightwind freeride board on the market. The v..
Ex Tax: $759.00
Airush 2014 Slayer V2 Surfboard
Based on the success of the innovative Slayer, the Slayer V2 was developed to offer an increased lev..
Ex Tax: $729.00
Airush 2014 Switch Twintip Kiteboard
The Switch delivers the benchmark in free-ride performance, from beginner, to advanced riders. The p..
Ex Tax: $429.00
Airush 2014 Vantage Kite
The success of the VXR v2 has been the perfect platform to develop the next evolution. The all-new w..
Ex Tax: $819.00
Airush 2014 Varial X Kite
For riders who are looking for an extra kick in their riding, the ALL-new Varial X takes the lead as..
Ex Tax: $719.00
Airush 2014 Vox Twintip Kiteboard
Plug and play performance ensures incredible ease of use from your first ride. The Single Concave bo..
Ex Tax: $369.00
Airush 2014 Wave Kite
The Wave has been extremely successful in its first year, with a massive following of dedicated surf..
Ex Tax: $739.00
Airush Lithium Zero 18m Kite
The Airush Lithium introduces a revolutionary new kite size and configuration to the range, taking t..
Ex Tax: $989.00
Airush Sector V3 54cm Directional Board
Introducing the ultimate carving machine, the Sector 54 draws the perfect line between blistering st..
$749.00 $599.00
Ex Tax: $599.00
Cabrinha 2014 1X Siren Control Bar
Adjusts (49-57cm) The 2014 Cabrinha 1X Siren Control Bar is designed specifically for women rider..
Ex Tax: $559.00
Cabrinha 2014 1XL Control Bar
Adjusts (57-65cm) The Contra must use the 2014 Cabrinha 1XL Overdrive Control Bar to achieve the ..
Ex Tax: $569.00
Cabrinha 2014 Alias Kiteboard
Cabrinha 2014 Alias Directional Board 174x59cm The Alias is a super efficient light wind board wi..
Ex Tax: $999.00
Cabrinha 2014 Chaos Kite
In the high stakes world of competition freestyle only one thing matters. Getting onto the podi..
Ex Tax: $789.00
Cabrinha 2014 Contra Kite
The 2014 Cabrinha Contra is positioned to deliver exactly what the discerning, light-wind rider is l..
Ex Tax: $1,089.00
Cabrinha 2014 Custom CBL Twintip Kitebaord
The Custom CBL (Carbon Basalt Laminate) is dedicated to high performance wakestyle riding. Designed ..
Ex Tax: $469.00

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